Dell EMC – Partner Titanium

IPM, a Ricoh Company, is one of five technology partners with the highest level of certification from Dell EMC in the Iberian Peninsula. Since 1988, IPM, a Ricoh Company, has been accompanying clients so they can benefit from the solutions from the North American multinational company with the aim of managing the growing volume of information throughout its life cycle.

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VMware – Partner Premier

IPM, a Ricoh Company, and VMware began their strategic alliance in 2001. Today, IPM, a Ricoh Company, is the ‘VMware Premier Solution Provider Partner’ and ‘VMware Professional Service Provider’ of VMware. IPM, a Ricoh Company, is the expert in virtualisation and designs systems and solutions that make the customers’ experience an excellent one.

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RSA – Partner Gold

IPM, a Ricoh Company, began its strategic alliance with RSA in 2006 with the aim of helping clients solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges: organisational risk management, protection of access through mobile devices, the prevention of online fraud and defence against advanced threats.

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Trend Micro – Partner Gold

IPM, a Ricoh Company, has become a Trend Micro ‘Gold Partner’. Alongside the solutions provided by the Asian multinational company, IPM, a Ricoh Company, will be promoting and managing security projects and integrating them into all the core services of its clients.

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Cisco – Partner Premier

IPM, a Ricoh Company, has been working with Cisco Systems since 2000. Thanks to the wide range of solutions offered by the world leader in networking for the internet, IPM, a Ricoh Company, complements and outlines services that provide clients with a comprehensive approach, strengthening the competitive advantages of enterprises and organisations.

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Veeam – Gold ProPartner

Veeam, of whom IPM, a Ricoh Company, is ‘Gold ProPartner’, provides technologies for storage, cloud and virtualisation that enable the modern data centre to save time, reduce risk and drastically diminish operating and investment costs for businesses and organisation, thus also supporting current and future business objectives.

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Nutanix – Partner Premier

Nutanix is an agnostic entrepreneurial Cloud platform based on hyperconvergence that adapts to the growth of a company or organisation. With one of the greatest exponential evolutions in the IT market in terms of functionality and presence, Nutanix is the best choice for a hybrid cloud model.

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IPM, a Ricoh Company, leverages the technological innovation characteristic of the wide range of products from Lenovo with the aim of providing the solution that adapts best to the actual needs of the company’s clients.

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HPE SimpliVity – Silver Partner

IPM, a Ricoh Company, was the pioneering company in the introduction of SimpliVity in the Iberian Peninsula, in 2013. Integrated into Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and renamed HPE SimpliVity, this multinational combines all the advanced data and IT infrastructure services into one unique hyper-converged and integrated solution.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure, the Microsoft cloud platform, enables IPM, a Ricoh Company, to transform the company’s traditional services by extending them to the public cloud. The solution completes the transformation simply, efficiently and safety, keeping in mind real and current requirements.

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Quantum is a pioneering company in expandable storage technologies, archiving and data protection. Thanks to its portfolio, IPM, a Ricoh Company, helps clients extract the maximum value from these assets and take advantage of the opportunities offered by their most demanding workflow challenges.


Pivotal is a service company based in the cloud whose solutions help companies and organisations to build software. The North American multinational speeds up application delivery by overcoming the challenges associated with long IT cycles. The native platform for the Pivotal cloud enables IPM, a Ricoh Company, clients to increase their business agility.


Devo, formerly known as Logtrust, is a Spanish company established in the United States that provides Data Analytics solutions. IPM, a Ricoh Company, which has been working with the company since the year 2015, offers customers the possibility of obtaining operational and business intelligence in real time.


Virtustream is a corporate software and cloud services provider that is trusted by companies and organisations worldwide to migrate and execute vital business applications, and with a mission to achieve its objectives in the cloud. Integrated into EMC in 2015, it offers the chance to work with second platform applications, such as SAP and Oracle, on a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.


Founded in 1999, SecureWorks offers security solutions that provide an early warning system to detect cyber threats. IPM, a Ricoh Company, clients are therefore able to prevent, predict, detect, and quickly respond to attacks in all critical areas of their IT infrastructure.


Broadcom is a leader in infrastructure solutions for data centres and a pioneer in the industry’s Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN). With solutions ranging from public and private data centres, Broadcom leads the industry in its transition towards new infrastructures of IP networks that are required in today’s age of digital business.


Couchbase is the leader in open source NoSQL databases in technology solutions. Their data platform revolutionises digital innovation by offering agility and unparalleled management ability as well as unprecedented performance on any scale.

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Varonis – Bronze Partner

Using solutions from Varonis, IPM, a Ricoh Company, helps businesses to reduce the costs associated with responding to requests for data access, maintaining control, auditing reports and resolving security breaches and the extraction of information.


ISO certificado

IPM’s, a Ricoh Company, objective, outstanding quality

IPM, a Ricoh Company, is committed to excellence, and upholds public commitment to the best business practices established by international standards. The company possesses certifications in Information Security Management (ISO 27001), Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001). IPM, a Ricoh Company, Certification guarantees indefinite commitment to customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of processes.

Awards and distinctions

Dell EMC Channel Services Delivery Excellence 2018

In 2018, IPM, a Ricoh Company, topped the quality of service ranking of the major Dell EMC tech partners. By means of its performance metrics, the American multinational endorsed the outstanding excellence of services provided by IPM, a Ricoh Company. In recognition of high satisfaction levels, Dell EMC awarded the company the ‘Channel Services Delivery Excellence Award 2018’ at the ‘Dell Technologies World 2019’ awards in Las Vegas.

VMware Enterprise Solution Provider of the Year 2016

VMware awarded IPM, a Ricoh Company, ‘Enterprise Solution Provider of the Year 2016 award for the EMEA region. The prize, awarded at the ‘VMware Partner Innovation Awards 2017’ in California, is in recognition of one of the many innovative services IPM, a Ricoh Company, provides for businesses and organisations that benefit from the advantages offered by modern transition of IT infrastructures.

EMC Partner Services Quality Award 2014

In 2014, IPM, a Ricoh Company, topped the quality of service ranking of the major EMC tech partners. By means of a survey, clients of the company endorsed the outstanding excellence of services provided by IPM, a Ricoh Company, and in recognition of high satisfaction levels of over 86%, EMC awarded the company the ‘EMC Partner Services Quality Award 2014’ at the ‘EMC World 2015’ awards in Las Vegas.

Cisco Architectural Excellence Data Centre Partner of the Year 2014

IPM, a Ricoh Company, was twice awarded the ‘Architectural Excellence Data Centre Partner of the Year 2014’ by Cisco. In celebration of the ‘Cisco Partner Summit 2015’ the North American multinational recognised IPM, a Ricoh Company, as its best technology partner in Spain and in the southern EMEAR region. The award recognises innovative practices, expertise, knowledge and good practices according to the ‘Cisco Worldwide Partner Organization’.