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Japanese company Trend Micro is the leading firm specialising in software and security solutions, whose efforts focus on making the global exchange of digital information safer. From 2001 onwards, Trend Micro has consistently ranked highly in Gartner’s magic quadrant,
demonstrating that strategy, technology and support services are a solid indicator of trust.

IPM, a Ricoh Company, is a certified Trend Micro ‘Gold Partner’ with its ‘Hybrid Cloud Security’ specialisation. IPM, a Ricoh Company, has worked with technicians specialised in Deep Security, in Officescan and has one of only four technicians qualified in Tipping Point in Spain. This means that the company is capable, not only of providing the solutions that clients need, but also of facilitating the launch and management of both physical and virtual security projects.

IPM, a Ricoh Company, and Trend Micro enjoy strong alliances with Dell EMC and VMware. This relationship allows IPM, a Ricoh Company, to guarantee the integration of security into all of their clients’ core services. Instead of leaving security as an issue to be incorporated at the last minute, IPM, a Ricoh Company, works to integrate security at the initial phase of any project for maximum efficiency.

With the solutions provided by Trend Micro, IPM, a Ricoh Company, protects the production services of clients by accelerating the application of security in digital transfer projects, without causing projects to slow down or miss out on opportunities in the market. Several features make up this unique, cutting-edge vision of security:


  • Automation for the prevention of attacks, detection and response.
  • Global visibility.
  • Automation and orchestration.
  • Low complexity.
  • Positive user experience.
  • Minimisation of false promises.
  • High detection accuracy.


IPM, a Ricoh Company, offers a wide range of solutions with Trend Micro. However, two stand out as products with unique offerings:

Deep Security. Deep Security is a single agent solution designed to protect production systems wherever they are located. New services can be launched when required without any delays caused by security requirements, and workloads can be moved between different vendors without having to deploy a new security system every time. Deep Security is the solution capable of offering instant protection, automatically, and providing total visibility over infrastructure, whether it is held in a data centre or in the public cloud.



Deep Discovery Inspector. Deep Discovery is a protection device in physical or virtual format that provides visibility and intelligence throughout the whole network with the aim of detecting and responding to both targeted attacks and advanced threats. The solution monitors all ports to analyse virtually all network traffic, providing the maximum protection possible. Achieving visibility into what is happening within the business network helps companies to detect and stop security threats in time.

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