Policy on Quality, Environment and Information Security

IPM, a Ricoh Company, management, through this document, establishes, disseminates and implements this Policy on Quality, Environment and Information Security, where it wishes to transmit the basic principles related to the behaviour and activities that the organisation performs.
For this reason, IPM, a Ricoh Company, management is committed to providing the human, technical, financial and organisational resources necessary to comply with the requirements of the reference standards. Specifically, it commits to:

– Work to achieve and ensure high and effective protection of the environment, considering the nature of our environmental issues, to prevent pollution and to collaborate with sustainable development, as well as actively contribute to the protection of the environment against the impact caused by our activities, products and services.

– Ensure strict compliance with legal requirements and other requirements subscribed by stakeholders, and apply them when planning activities.

– Encourage the training, information and continuous participation of its own personnel or those who work on behalf of the organisation, in relation to the work they carry out and in issues related to quality, environment and information security.

– Create and maintain a working environment that promotes commitment to quality, environmental protection and information security across the entire staff in the organisation. This includes ensuring safety and promoting training and staff development.

– To foster mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and other interested parties, allowing effective identification of their requirements and needs and to evolve together in this environment of continuous transformation to guarantee their full satisfaction. This includes fluid communication and high reactivity on the part of the organisation.

– To resolve without delay any possible deficiencies found at the same moment in which they are detected, taking the relevant contingency and corrective actions and communicating them to relevant clients and interested parties if necessary.

– Establish continuous improvement activities to increase efficiency and thus productivity and profitability of processes and services, stakeholder satisfaction, environmental performance of the organisation and information security.

This policy, aligned with the strategic direction of the organisation, provides the frame of reference for establishing and reviewing the objectives for quality management system, the environment and information security, which is periodically reviewed and communicated to all workers and published for the knowledge of all our groups of interest.